Lummi Island Wild Co-op was established in 2002 by a group of fisherman from the Pacific Northwest.


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Lummi Island Wild Co-op was established in 2002 by a group of fisherman from the Pacific Northwest.

Keith Carpenter - President & Executive Director
Keith was raised in Southern California and started commercial fishing in June of 1969 and fished for a living thru 1980.  Keith has fished in Southeast Alaska, Bristol Bay, Puget Sound and San Francisco Bay as both a purse seiner and gillnetter (Salmon and Herring).  He has also fished off the Washington and British Columbia coast in Canada for salmon and tuna (trolling).  He also spent some time diving for herring roe in the Prince William Sound.

Keith left the fishing business (temporarily) as he went to work as a commercial foodservice rep and later co-founded, the Wood Stone Corporation in 1990.  During his time with Wood Stone, Keith was introduced to Lummi Island Wild.  He purchased his first Reefnet gear in 2006 and his second in 2014.

Riley Starks - Sales
Riley graduated from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA in 1972 and bought his first fishing boat the following spring.  He has been a commercial fisherman his whole life.

Riley served as the founding president of the Inner Sound Crab Association from 1976 to 1979.  After moving to Lummi Island in 1992, he helped start Lummi Island Wild. He also created Nettles Farm and the present iteration of The Willows Inn. 

Riley has been active in the sustainable organic farm to table movement since its beginning.  He represented reefnetting as a delegate to the first Slow Food Terra Madre in Turin, Italy, in 2004 and served on the Pacific Marine Conservation Council from 2004-2007.

Ian Kirouac - Reefnet Fleet Manager
Ian was introduced to reef netting while studying PNW maritime industry and history at The Evergreen State College.  In 2003, the co-op was just forming and it was love at first sight.  It was also the perfect opportunity to combine his background in sales and marketing to indulge his passion for the environment and sustainability.  Ian frequently says, “I wouldn't be a commercial fisherman if it weren't for reef netting.”  Now over ten years later, Ian manages reef net fleet operations, captains a gear, and manages the web and social media.  

 On the water, Ian earned the nickname Ahab and the Reefnet Festival's golden shackle award for his early morning starts and tireless pursuit of illusive salmon schools. Off the water, Ian is passionate about helping small businesses thrive, and is an avid outdoor enthusiast –including sailing and long distance hiking (including a successful thru-hull of the 2,160 mile Appalachian Trail).  

Susanne Lucke - Financial Officer
Susanne was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and graduated from the University of Virginia. She spent ten years in the Navy as a helicopter pilot and retired from the Reserves in 2008.  She was able to travel the world and loved the opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

She moved with her family (husband and two daughters) to Bellingham, WA in 2006 and they fell in love with the area and the multitude of outdoor activities that it offers.

Susanne started with Lummi Island Wild Co-op as their bookkeeper in 2007.  She learned about reefnet fishing, sustainability, and was introduced to the best tasting sockeye salmon in the world. Susanne was brought on as a partner in 2009 and while her main purpose is financial, she also enjoys interacting with customers, planning logistics and swapping recipes with other foodies.

Tom Munroe - Tender Captain
Bio coming soon...

Stan Bianchi - Board of Advisories
Stan Bianchi was raised in Bellingham, WA.  A graduate of WWU and a BS degree in mathematics and a MEd degree in administration.  Stan taught 32 yrs in High school and the 16 yrs at WCC. He began commercial fishing in 1960 on a reef-net  gear off of Lummi Island.  He has either fished or owned a Reef-net site for the last 55yrs.  Stan gill-netted in Bristal Bay, Alaska for 30yrs and has gill-netted and crab fished in Puget Sound. He became a partner in Lummi Island Wild in 2007.  Stan has long believed that fish could be better cared for and likewise improve the product.  He Knows that LIW has the best quality salmon in the world.  Catching salmon via reef-net gears is the most environmental friendly, sustainable way to fish.

Dave Hansen
Dave migrated from Northern Michigan to Alaska in 1974, landing a job as a sport-fishing guide. He moved on to owning his own guide business and flew as a bush pilot throughout Alaska and started commercial fishing Bristol Bay in 1979. He has also commercially fished halibut and herring.

With his family, Dave moved to Bellingham in 1986 and within a few years he partnered up on a reefnet gear. In 1992 he co-founded Lummi Island Wild. Dave was the primary tender skipper and production manager, participating in the buying and processing of all of Lummi Island Wild's products- until his death in 2015. Dave loved our Lummi Island Wild buyers clubs.