We are a co-op of fisherman from the Pacific Northwest, passionate about fishing.


Meet the crew

The Reefnetters of Lummi Island Wild are committed to offering the highest quality salmon on the market - healthy, sustainable, wild.

Each member of the Lummi Island Wild crew (below) brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to the gear. 


Bryan Martens - Captain

The Marten’s family started reefnetting in the early 1960s. Last year three generations of Marten's fished the co-op gear - Granddad, Father, and Son! It all started 1989 when Bryan's dad Terry took him reefnetting and by the day’s end, they had harvested 1600 sockeye salmon.  Bryan was in love. 

Sean Croke - Crew

Joanna Bryan - Crew

Bryden Gorman - Crew

Susan Methven - Crew


Pete Granger - Captain

Pete has an extensive background in the commercial seafood industry. He fished commercially in the Puget Sound and Alaska and processed and marketing seafood products for several companies. Pete has a BS in Oceanography and a MBA in International Business from the University of Washington.  He has recently retired as the program leader of the Marine Advisory services for the Washington Sea Grant program through the University of Washington.  He continues to work part-time for the Washington Sea Grant as a Seafood Industry specialist in North Puget Sound.

Travis Moose - Assistant Captain

Travis is a Pennsylvania born guy with seven years of experience reefnetting. An avid hiker and adventurous carpenter, Travis has swung a hammer and explored from one pole to the other - the North Slope of Alaska to Antarctica. In the off season he is currently building all across the country with Nelson Treehouse and Supply. He is also a novice juggler.

Angie Kubalek - Crew

Stu Robertson - Crew

Anna Zajicek - Crew


Ian Kirouac - Captain

On the water, Ian earned the nickname Ahab. You will often find him repeating the reefnet mantra "Two things need to happen: You need to be there, and the fish need to be there!" Ian manages reefnet fleet operations, captains a gear, and manages the web and social media. Learn more about Ian on our Partner bios.

Josh Thomason - Crew

Sierra Montoya - Crew

Cara Blake - Crew

Jake Reinsberg - Crew


Tony Cucinatta - Captain

RJ Anderson - Crew

Isaac Ruup - Crew

Jacob Jorgenson - Crew

Deb Granger - Safety and Communications

Deb has been involved with the seafood/fishing industry for over 40 years.  In addition to working as a high school educator (career counselor, Engish/Reading Teacher), she has worked in PR/Marketing, Fundraising, and Event Management throughout the U.S.  Recently, she managed a 12-state aquaculture research consortium funded by USDA housed at the University of Washington.  She loves being out on the gear, seeing the salmon from the head stand (yelling “Give ‘er Hell”), and sharing the camaraderie with the crew.