Welcome to Lummi Island Wild

We are a co-op of partners from the Pacific Northwest that are passionate about fishing. Together, with our wealth of knowledge and experience, we have dedicated Lummi Island Wild to the catching, sourcing and processing of quality seafood in a sustainable and responsible way.  With a focus on innovation and improvement, we aim to share our enjoyment of the highest quality seafood with you. 

Wild Sockeye

Taste our Reefnet Wild Sockeye and never go back to ordinary salmon. Healthy, sustainable, wild, and absolutely delicious. 

Smoked King Salmon

Warning: It will be difficult to go back to other smoked salmon after you try Lummi Island Wild.

Ikura Salmon Caviar 

 Ikura is lightly salted salmon roe. A nutrient dense power food with one of the highest levels of omega 3's.