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Welcome to Lummi Island Wild Co-ops Community Supported Fishery!


Lummi Island Wild Reefnet Salmon Fishery Among World's 10 Greenest Seafoods

1. We fish in complete harmony with our surrounding environment, using an ancient fishing method that doesn’t require chasing the fish and creating no air, water or noise disturbance. 

2. We are the World's only solar powered salmon fishery, and have the ability to return unharmed to the sea non-target species.

3. We give back to our local communities.

4. We have unmatched quality!

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2014 Catch is now here!

The 2014 sockeye run to the Fraser River is almost in the history books. We do now have the worlds best sockeye again, and this year we believe the oil content is just extremely high. ...

Seafood Watch gives reefnetters "buy"recommendation

Please find attached the final version of the Seafood Watches Washington reefnet salmon report.  This has been published on the Monteray Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch website. All of the recommenda...

Maximising Quality of your order

Frozen vacuum sealed seafood can be delicate. There are a few easy steps you can take to maximise the quality of your frozen seafood.

SK/ON PBO/VP product descriptions

The seafood industry uses some short acronyms for product descriptions. For help in ordering please read further.
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Only two US fisheries made the list from thousand of choices . "We are looking for those operat... See All »
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